What's the hurry

Posted by Cristian Livadaru on Monday, August 26, 2019

Recently I had to pick up a parcel from the post office and wanted to take my little one (2y old) with me. We could have taken the car which would have solved the whole issue in about 15 minutes or public transport.

I chose the latter since I wasn’t in a hurry, it was the weekend, little one loves busses and it was kind of pointless taking the car from an ecological point of view.

Since we are taking the public transport, why not let the little one take her scooter, it’s fun to ride the scooter and there are plenty of occasions to the subway station and from the subway to the bus station so off we went, me walking and the little one via scooter.

After the first meters of scooter riding the firs “I can’t anymore” attempt.

Me: “no way I’ll Cary your scooter, if you don’t ride it I’ll leave it here” we had to repeat this game several times until we got back home and I still ended up carrying the scooter.

But honestly, it was a fun hour we spent picking up that parcel. Yep, it took us an hour and seeing her so happy on the bus and on the way I was thinking “why the hurry all the time”? Seriously, we keep pushing and hurting and stress our selves to get somewhere quickly, to get back home quickly to accomplish something quickly and if you stop for a minute and look at it, you ask yourself why? What would have been the point in getting back home in 15 minutes instead of an hour? We had no appointment, nobody coming over, it wasn’t napping time, so what’s the point in constantly telling my little one “come on, let’s go” so I just let it be that day, let her dictate where we go and how long it takes.

When we got back and left the subway (we have about a 3 minute walk home from the subway) she gave up on pushing or riding the scooter, she just walked away, no “bye I’m leaving” helped, she just took off and made me run circles in the park near the subway. It took me another 30 minutes of running after her, talking to her and trying to convince her to go the right direction to get home and after 30 minutes we finally made it, meanwhile, she was passed lunchtime and nap time.

I should have taken the car…