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Happiness is temporary; all scenarios lead to loss

If you could be really happy but knew from the start it would end in sadness, would you choose that happiness or would you avoid it?

Wish you were here

A wonderful book, a story of someone leaving on a life-changing trip caused by the lockdown. Leaving for a short break, accepting the unknown caused by the lockdown, and getting your life turned upside down, all plans vanished in thin air. Realizing, that everything you planned is all a sham and you were just living that plan but living your life.

The always-connected generation

A scurity issue here, an IT emergency there, some “critical infrastructure” going now and needs to be dealt with right now. We keep taking or accepting more and more responsibilities and duties which works out fine in the beginning but at some point we realise we’ve dug ourselves into a hole which is hard to get out of or don’t notice at all that we are in a hole until it’s much to late.

The beauty of film

There are some movies which are more then just movies. Pulling you in, taking you on a journey through time, a journey through emotions, raising questions but not giving answers, leaving you to piece it all together and give it some meaning.


There are all kind of ways to become imortal, you can build something great, you can be a massive tyranic asshole, or do some small things and become imortal through your children.


Having the death talk with your kids isn't something easy

The end of an era

Everything has to come to an end at some point, the retirement and with that the end of my parents restaurant made me remember some old stories …

I’m sorry

This is the usual answer I get when I mention the fact that I’m divorced. Then there is the “failed marriage” thing I hear and read everywhere. I have to disagree with both things.

Smile on demand

Put your phone down and observe your surroundings …

But you can work at night

It’s interesting seeing the way people without children think about how life is with kids but also how people think about work and spare time. I don’t blame them, I’ve been on both sides, so I’ll give my unasked opinion on this subject.