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Conferences with childcare

Childcare at conferences is something that I see way to little of but should be done much more often. While kids have fun and learn new things, parents can do the same. We are wasting future talent by not offering parents and children chances to learn new things.


There are all kind of ways to become imortal, you can build something great, you can be a massive tyranic asshole, or do some small things and become imortal through your children.


Having the death talk with your kids isn't something easy

But you can work at night

It’s interesting seeing the way people without children think about how life is with kids but also how people think about work and spare time. I don’t blame them, I’ve been on both sides, so I’ll give my unasked opinion on this subject.

Perfect Sunday?

It’s a warm and windy day, not the bad Vienna kind of windy day where the wind will rip your head off, it’s a slight breeze, not cold but stilling cooling and refreshing from the suns heat.Everything is silent, the streets are almost deserted, much more so then usually on Sundays. This is perfect for riding the bike to the playground, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

The reopening of playgrounds

Having kids during this Corona pandemic is a completely different challenge. I won’t get into this, parents will understand what I’m talking about.But now things are starting to open up again. Is it good? Is it bad? We’ll have to wait and see.

Building toys with raspberry PI

Trying to come up with something useful build on a raspberry to teach my daughter about tech and coding.

What's the hurry

always on the run, always trying to be faster, loose less time, run, speed, don’t stop. But why?