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The reopening of playgrounds

Having kids during this Corona pandemic is a completely different challenge. I won’t get into this, parents will understand what I’m talking about.But now things are starting to open up again. Is it good? Is it bad? We’ll have to wait and see.

Assets missing in Rails Docker container

So you’ve deployed your new shiny rails app as a fancy docker container in production … but what’s that? Where the f* are all the assets?

Why we love Málaga

My wife and I have been traveling to Málaga since 2007. There are so many memories we made and so many more to be made, so many adventures and short mini-trips to so many places in and around Andalusia, Málaga will always have a special spot in our hearts.

Building toys with raspberry PI

Trying to come up with something useful build on a raspberry to teach my daughter about tech and coding.

I don't like running

When kids tell you the honest unfiltered truth

What's the hurry

always on the run, always trying to be faster, loose less time, run, speed, don’t stop. But why?

How to talk german in Austria

If you are learning german with the intent to come to Austria, be prepared for a little surprise …

FusionPBX and anonymous callerID

Some carriers might block calls if the call has no caller id in the sip FROM. I stumbled upon such an issue while forwarding inbound calls from FusionPBX to a cell phone number. The calls were rejected if they reached fusionpbx with anonymous as the caller id.

Doing FusionPBX Provisioning the right way

Reusing passwords is never a good idea and by default the fusionpbx setup would use the same user and password for all domains when provisioning.

Install Mikrotik CHR on a XEN dom0

If you want to play around with mikrotik or a need a mikrotik CHR, you can install it on XEN and run it without any issues.