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Fuck the war

One moment you are out and drinking a cup of coffee, the next moment you are in the middle of a war. You have done nothing wrong, your family and friends have done nothing wrong, but you are being slaughtered regardless.

The end of an era

Everything has to come to an end at some point, the retirement and with that the end of my parents restaurant made me remember some old stories …

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression can be a complicated thing. Accepting that someone protests against core values of yours isn’t easy. I strongly believe that you have a right to your own opinion, but you can’t have your own facts.

Flooding phishing forms with bash and curl

In 2018 I wrote a quick post on how to flood phishing pages with a python script. Unfortunately that doesn’t work with python3 anymore and also doesn’t handle POST request, me not really being a python dev decided to use bash with two packages instead of coding something in ruby. Install packages apt install pwgen gpw That’s it for the packages, now you have something to generate usernames and passwords.

I’m sorry

This is the usual answer I get when I mention the fact that I’m divorced. Then there is the “failed marriage” thing I hear and read everywhere. I have to disagree with both things.

Wallabag: Invalid datetime format

This pesky little issue prevented me in adding a lot of links to wallabag, but as it turns out, the fix is really simple.

Smile on demand

Put your phone down and observe your surroundings …

But you can work at night

It’s interesting seeing the way people without children think about how life is with kids but also how people think about work and spare time. I don’t blame them, I’ve been on both sides, so I’ll give my unasked opinion on this subject.

Why are you whistling again?

“Dad, why are you whistling again?” asked my big daughter.I haven’t even noticed that I have stopped whistling. I didn’t notice that I stopped and didn’t notice that I have started again, but yes, here I am, whistling, …

Oh the irony

This story needs a bit of a background from my time at high school for it to make any sense why this one little phone call made my day.