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Testing websites with cypress and GitLab CI - Part1

Testing a web app is common practice but when it comes to simpler websites it is often overlooked which caused pain, pain which can be avoided by creating specs. Let me guide you through spec creation for simple web pages which we will then automate and have them run in gitlab CI.

Freeswitch/Fusionpbx: Play audio after call was picked up

Want to play and audio to the called number after the call was picked up?

Upgrading PostgreSQL 9.1 to 9.4

Happy times with locales during a simple upgrade

Error: The locale requested by the environment is invalid. Error: Could not create target cluster

Switching mailservers with nginx as mail proxy

Switching mailserver with lots of active users isn’t an easy task. First you need to copy the mails to the new server and then get all the users to change mailserver settings at the same time to switch to the new server.

SSH from Mac OS High Sierra to old SSH Servers

Change SSH client settings to enable SSH logins to older SSH servers or Mikrotik routers

Extending an LVM backed by an LSI RAID controller

Adding new disks to a LSI controller, creating a new VD and extending an existing LVM volume group

Migrating IMAP accounts to Zimbra

Having to move ~ 180 Mail accounts from an older IMAP server to Zimbra (open source version) I though I would document the process if anyone else finds themself in this situation.

Changing conference voice prompts on FusionPBX

Offering VoIP solutions to endusers requires the VoIP system to speak their language. Here’s how to change the language for the conference system on fusionpx

Changing disks of a Linux mdadm RAID

If you change all disks at once there will be issues booting the system and mounting the correct disks, here’s how I solved this issue.