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Fixing GitLab CI: dial tcp: lookup docker no such host

Another issue I keep encountering with project upgrades, which I tend to forget about, is that during the build phase on GitLab CI, the old dind (Docker in Docker) setup no longer works, resulting in a ’no such host’ error message.

Conferences with childcare

Childcare at conferences is something that I see way to little of but should be done much more often. While kids have fun and learn new things, parents can do the same. We are wasting future talent by not offering parents and children chances to learn new things.

💥Solving max_grant_frames under XEN

Being hit with this problem a second time, I noticed that the initial fix was not enough. There are pieces of informations scattered around several mailinglists, forum posts, blogs and also a very detailed technical explenation on what is happening under the hood, but I couldn’t find a post describing the solution. So here goes my take on how to solve this.

📣 Sensu Notifications

Notifications in sensu can be complicated, but sometimes you just need to think out of the box. Maybe there are better ways to distribute the notifications. Just send them to some central place where you have more control on distributing the notifications. While you could do this in sensu, it definitely is a pain in the ass to constantly run ansible to deploy the changes.

Home Assistant With TimescaleDB and Grafana

In my pursuit of adding some nice graphs to my home assistant installation I first started going down the InfluxDB path but quickly had to give up and used TimescaleDB instead

Copying data between two seafile servers

You could just copy data between two seafile servers via seafile client or web, but life’s to short for that.

Privacy focused voice assistant with Rhasspy and Home Assistan

Having my issues with privacy in regards to voice assistants like Alexa or Google home, I needed something that works without cloud services, Rhasspy delivers but getting there is quite a bumby ride.

Wallabag: Invalid datetime format

This pesky little issue prevented me in adding a lot of links to wallabag, but as it turns out, the fix is really simple.

Assets missing in Rails Docker container

So you’ve deployed your new shiny rails app as a fancy docker container in production … but what’s that? Where the f* are all the assets?

Building toys with raspberry PI

Trying to come up with something useful build on a raspberry to teach my daughter about tech and coding.