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Installing Alchemy CMS 3.0

Wanted to give Alchemy 3.0 a spin, but following the guides doesn’t really get you where you want. First of all, you need ruby 2.1 installed. Ruby 2.0 doesn’t do the trick. Then you need to install rails 4.1.1

gem install rails v=4.1.1

after installing the rails gem, create a new project.

rails new foobar

in the projects Gemfile add the alchemy gem AND the alchemy-devise gem!

if you don’t install alchemy-devise you will get an error trying to execute the “alchemy:install” rake task.

gems/activesupport-4.1.1/lib/active_support/inflector/methods.rb:238:in `const_get': uninitialized constant User (NameError)

adding alchemy-devise to the Gemfile solves this issue.

gem 'alchemy_cms', github: 'magiclabs/alchemy_cms', branch: 'master'
gem 'alchemy-devise', github: 'magiclabs/alchemy-devise', branch: 'master'

run the alchemy installer

bundle exec rake alchemy:install

create the user migrations and migrate.

bundle exec rake alchemy_devise:install:migrations db:migrate

now you’re all set to play around with alchemy 3.0