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Create Shared Objects With Distribution Lists in Zimbra

If you need a shared object (calender, address book) with multiple users, the best way to do this is by using a distribution list. So let’s get started. First create a distribution list and add all your users you want to it. You might also want to disable the option “Can receive mail” and also enable “Hide in GAL” to avoid some confusion.

Then create a resource where you will create your shared object. By using a resource you can create your shared calender or address book without wasting a license.

After you created the resource, click on view mail, go to the calender and add a share.

Use the distribution address as email for the share.

Now go back to the distribution list and click edit.

Go to the shares tab and click ob publish shares.

Enter the mail of the resource, click on find shares, select the desired share and click on “Publish selected share”

The advantage of using this method is that newly added users to the distribution list will automatically get permissions for the share and as soon as a user is removed from the distribution list the share permissions will be revoked!