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Bye Bye 2008, Hello 2009

So, 2008 is finally over. A new year, a new challenge, new ideas and lot’s of changes ahead, I think it will be a interesting year. But let me get back to the end of 2008.
This time we have been for a couple of days over Christmas in Romania and this usually means, food, food, more food and even more food. We survived this and returned back to Vienna before new year.
On the 31. we went to see the fireworks in Vienna which where fired from Prater. I usually like fireworks, I like looking at them but that’s about it. I hate firecrackers! The only thing they make is noise so I think they are kind of pointless.
But what I hate the most is firecrackers in the hands of idiots and unfortunately this year there where plenty of them.
The “bangs” started a few days before Christmas and there still are some “bangs” even these days. But the 31. Decembers was a nightmare. A lot of kids throwing one firecracker after the other, people throwing firecrackers where a lot of people are standing.
From my point of view they could forbid firecrackers completely.
But we survived this also, probably with a bit more damage to my hearing then I would want.

The first day from the new year started as a normal day until someone rang at the dor. Hmm… a fireman, what could be going on?
It seems like the neighbor upstairs called for the ambulance and then lost the connection. So Ambulance, Police and a couple of firemen came and wanted to enter her apartment from our balcony.
They succeeded to enter after breaking the glass of the balcony door just to find our upstairs neighbor drunk as hell on the floor.
Let’s see what else will happen this year :)