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Time for Some Changes

sell_on_change.png It’s time for a big change and no we are not getting married! I am talking about my job. After some months of thinking this over I have decided to quit my job and do my own thing.

I know, you might think I am insane to quit something safe these days where a lot of IT companies are throwing people out but I had to finally take this step and give it a try.
So, what will I do from now on? Well first of all I have several projects to finish that I am already working on, Ruby on Rails development, Typo3 and some Asterisk things. Some new things are already waiting, so I can’t really complaint of getting bored and I can’t really manage all these things after work and on weekends so that is mainly the reason that I decided to quit.

So, if you are looking for some one to solve your problems, integrate a VoIP system, do some web development or a nice website just contact us (yes us, we both are working on similar things)