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Push Mail for iPhone With Cyrus and Z-push

Some days ago I came across z-push a very interesting open source project. I decided to give it a try and see how it works with my iPhone.
I really didn’t expect to be up and running in only 5 minutes! So I won’t write anything here about the installation, just read the manual and everything should be clear.
But there are two things I have to mention if you are using Cyrus.

  • Synced mails will be marked as read! The solution for this is in this post in the z-push forum
  • Sync might not work due to encoding problems (iPhone will say that there is no connection to the server). The solution for this is in this post in the z-push forum.

After solving these two issues everything worked perfect! The only problem that remains, and this is nothing z-push can solve, is the battery usage of the iPhone. Be warned! Your battery will be empty after 2 days in some cases even after 1 day. This really sucks, I have to admit, this is where BlackBerry will get a point.