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Cars Need Water

It is the time of year where I drive with my old MK2 Golf made in 1983. Although it’s pretty old, it’s still a reliable car. Doesn’t quite like cold days, but after some minutes it drives pretty good.
Well, yesterday I was reminded how old this car actually is and that you can expect some problems from time to time.
Driving on the A23, not the best freeway in Vienna to have a breakdown, I noticed the temperature was climbing very very fast and also the red light started flashing. This is never a good sign so I stopped, probably at the one only place on the A23 where you can stop, and called OEAMTC.
In the meantime I tried to see what’s wrong and it looked like there was a leak and I lost all the cooling water. Not good, not good at all.
But it wasn’t a big problem, the hose was shortened by the guy from OEAMTC, fitted back in and filled in new water and that was it. My old baby is running again. Just have to get a new hose in the next days since this one seems to be pretty old and it could break again.