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How to Avoid Being Ripped of by Your GSM Provider

If you have ever been in a non EU country you sure know the problem with roaming. The prices are really exagerated! As we have been in Ukraine the passive roaming would have been 1,50 Euro! 1 Euro fifty just for receiving a call. I really don’t understand these prices.
Well, I am not writing this to complain about roaming costs, I want to help you save money :)
So, what can be done to save some bucks and not give the GSM providers a CENT!
My solutions works by using a asterisk server, a local SIP number from the country I have my GSM contract and a local SIM in the country I am in (in this case Ukraine).
What I have done is to forward all calls to the local SIP number I have (free), this SIP number is picked up by my asterisk server which then called my on my Ukranian mobile phone (about 0.09 Euro) so I get the same result for 1,41 Euro less, per minute!

So, if you are in the same situation as I was and don’t have time to set up your own asterisk server and find some cheap VoIP routes to your destination, just contact me and I will help you :)