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Dude, Where’s My Car?

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in my life! But I had to ask myself this question about one hour ago.
As usual I park my car in front of the apartment, a normal street where you can also park, no sign of parking not allowed.
I park the car there since 2 weeks and I am not the only one parking there.
During office hours the street is full with parked cars but in the evening it gets better and I find a place to park my car when I come back from work. Yesterday I came home, found the last free place to park my car, parked and went in the apartment.
This morning I come out, want to get in my car to drive to work but … where the f***| is my car?
All cars from the street where gone and the street was closed by the police. Now the noises we heard the evening before made sense! It was no construction noise, it was the truck that picked up all the cars from the street.
Great! How much will this cost and how will I get my car back?
I went to a policeman and tried to talk to him but no luck, didn’t understand english and also wasn’t willing to understand my sign language. Then his colleague came and helped me out. Some phone calls and 10 minutes later, he told me the car was moved on the next street at number 12 and he pointed in the direction I have to go. Well after 20 minutes walking and looking I found nothing!
I then came across the next policeman, this time again one that didn’t speak english but with some few russian words I piked up since I am here in combination with sign language (imagine me showing how my car was picked up and then showing him that I don’t know where it is). One phone call later he sends me back in the direction where I cam from and told me to pass the street where my car was and then I should find it.
So finally after some walking I found my car just around the corner from where it was initially parked, hidden by the terrace of the restaurant at the corner of the street. Thanks to the policeman that sent me in the wrong direction. Maybe that’s why he wished me “good luck” after he told me where to go.
I didn’t find out from the police why it was towed away but I didn’t have to pay any fine so this means I didn’t do anything wrong.
At work I asked if there is something important happening in the city today and then I found out that today is the 1020th anniversary of the regions conversion to Christianity. (read more about it in Kyiv Post). With this occasion Bartholomew is visiting the city. Not sure if its Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople or some other, I am really not up to date with this religious stuff. Anyway, I still don’t understand why they had to remove all cars from that street. If I am not mistaking, the Presidential Secretariat should be on Bankovska Street, that’s where the apartment is.

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