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Hotel Opera in Kiev

I think it is time to write something about the hotel Opera in Kiev. After 4 weeks in a hotel there is always something to complaint about.
But let’s start with the good things.
The hotel looks good, staff was helpful on arrival and the room looked also good. Bathroom was clean, bed was clean so everything seemed to be great.
Also you get to use the sauna and jacuzzi for free. Well at the rate of 460 Euro a night I don’t know how “free” that is.
Most of the time the staff was really friendly, concierge was also very helpful with taxi orders and other things wee needed.
The breakfast could have been better though. After some while it just gets boring, every day the same food.
Ok let’s start the complaints, first of all for this price I would expect a bigger TV in the room, especially when the room is so big like the one we had, then it’s just to hard to see something on that small screen.
The lifts, they drive you mad. They never seem to work properly. Either one is broken completely or they are all together behaving very strange. Like when the lift is on your floor and the stupid door just doesn’t want to open.
Then there is the thing with room cleaning. It seems like changing bed sheets and towels is everything they know about room cleaning.
This could be that most people don’t stay 4 weeks and they usually do everything else after checkout.
The thing that pissed me off the most was the fact that they got confused with the credit cards.
On checkin they requested my credit card as guarantee until I bring a authorization letter from the company. Ok, no problem with that, but just to be 100% sure I asked if my credit card will be billed and they assured me that it won’t be billed if the company sends the authorization letter.
Well two days later, they had the authorization letter and everything was fine. After aprox 1 Month I checked my credit card bill and saw that the idiots from the hotel charged over 2000 Euro from my personal credit card.
If they had all they needed from the company and they also did charge most of the amount from the company card, why did they have to touch my card?
So besides this, there was the biggest problem of the hotel. They where building a terrace that should be finished in September.
They noise was very disturbing during the day, but OK it is understandable that they have to work, but on the other hand, they are charging 469 a night (which was reduced to 328 due to the long stay) so I don’t really care when they do their work. Sounds selfish, but for that price I do expect silence. Anyway, the really big problem appeared in the last days, when they started to work also at night.
Oh how I love the sound of drilling at 1am in the morning. I called the reception, if this is going to last all night. At the reception I got a rather surprised voice as if he didn’t knew there was any drilling. Yeah, right! Finally he said he will contact the workers.
The only thing that happened was that after some minutes the reception called, just to wake me up one more time. I don’t know what they wanted to tell me since I didn’t get the phone on time. Probably he wanted to tell me that they don’t give a shit about their customers and the drilling will last all night, and yes the drilling did last some more hours.

Ok and there is one more issue that bugged me. During checkout the lady at the reception looked at us as if we hit her or I don’t know …. not even a greeting, nothing. I gave one key back and told her that I will give her the second key in five minutes since I have to get the rest of the luggage from the room. Put luggage in the car, went back up to get the rest and guess what? The key was not working anymore. She locked the key! They have this fancy credit card like keys where they can lock it whenever they want and enable it for any room they like.
After asking her to reactivate a key so I can get my stuff she had the same pissed off look on her face, no sorry no nothing. Gave me a new key and that was the end of our hotel Opera experience.

All in all, it is a nice hotel, the staff (most of them) is really friendly and the rooms are clean. Never the less, for a five star hotel I somehow expected more. A better management of their accounting and not bill my card for example. and there where some other minor issues that I just can’t remember now. So I could recommend the hotel, but I wouldn’t go there anymore just because of the credit card issue. This really pissed me off.

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