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Welcome to Kiev

This is the beginning of our 5 weeks in Kiev and already there are so many thing to write about. The day started early, what isn’t really nice for a weekend. We arrived quite early at the Airport in Vienna, which was a very good thing as we found out later. The Airport in Vienna was packed full, total chaos. I have no idea where everyone was leaving, but I never saw something like that on Vienna Airport. Well, before the waiting for the security check began, we still had one little problem. The luggage! We did have a bit of luggage, let’s say a bit much more :) and of course I was blamed. Well… I won’t say anything without my lawyer :D
So, we did manage to board the plane with all our luggage and without paying anything extra. After a quite pleasant flight, except for the bit after takeoff where the pilot flew the plane like he was drunk, we arrived in Kiev. Now the fun begins. Immigration, I love this … waiting in along queue, with some immigration forms, and waiting … and waiting. After about half an hour we changed to a different queue. Some guy had some problems and was arguing with the guy from immigration. So we got out of immigration, we got our luggage , let’s get a taxi. Once outside in the main hall we where surrounded by a dozen of taxi drivers. We did finally get to some taxi counter that looked somehow official and of we went towards the hotel. about 30 min drive and the driver didn’t thing going under 100km/h.
What really made a good impression was the roads. I was expecting something similar to Romania, no freeway, pit holes and traffic. But I was surprised to see a freeway with 4 lanes in each direction after leaving the freeway, the street continued to have 4 lanes and there was no sign of traffic, at least in our direction.
There is much more to write about, but we are both to exhausted to do anything anymore.
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