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First Impressions About Nintendo Wii

Yes, we have bought a Wii. The Wii sports package to be more precise. The first impressions? Well it looks nice, it starts fast and the games are fun. Why Wii and not Xbox ore Playstation? Well Wii games are rather made to make you move, stand up and do something. Not just sit there in front of the TV with a controller in the hand.

So after the first day of Wii Sports I can say that almost evey muscle in the upper part of my body hurts. No, really! The Wii Boxing really really makes you sweat but it still is fun. I just can’t wait to do some more Boxing on the Wii :) and I am really really curios to see what Wii Fit can offer. The package just arrived, can’t wait to get home :)

More about the Wii will follow … if I will be able to write tomorrow :)