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The End of the World Is Near

Well the title is a bit exaggerated, what I am talking about is the European Soccer championship. I’m not really a soccer fan and when they close some major streets in Vienna due to the stupid championship …. well then I am kind of pissed. If it would have been in August when most of the people are on holiday and the city quite empty … well that would have been perfect, but in June? I guess there will be a lot of traffic around the first district in Vienna which will affect non soccer tourists. I will try to avoid anything within reach of the “Ring” (the street where parts of it will be closed). I am sure a lot of people will be surprised about the street being closed since I didn’t quite hear or read about it, it’s more an accident that I was there and noticed the sign mentioning the one month blockade of the street. The good thing is that I don’t really have to go in that area, to work I use the freeway. The only problem would be visiting my parents which would lead me either near the “Ring” or near the Stadium, which sure will be also very crowded. Well, all we can do is just sit and wait. I’m curious if the Austrian authorities did everything right.