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One More Year Has Passed

Yes, another year has passed and the last year has started before I change the age prefix. 30 … sounds so old :) I want to thank everybody that called to wish me all the best, and for those who haven’t called … well there is my wishlist where you can buy something so I will forgive you :)

I was just kidding of course. I really don’t judge anybody who forgot, how could I ? I forgot about every birthday. I just know the really really important ones, my family and my sweetest of course. There was no big party, just a small celebration. The big party was, as almost every year, at Woerthersee in Austria during the biggest VW Tuning event. Anyway, for those who still don’t know me … I don’t give much about fix days. I don’t need to get presents at my birthday I don’t necessary five presents at some ones birthday or other occasion where one would expect presents. The year has 365 days, at least most of the time, where you can give your loved ones something special?

Finally a message to my friends, Yes I do like Glenfiddich Single Malt, but please, next 5 years no more Glenfiddich, I have a collection of about 10 bottles! I should organize some big “Single Malt Party” so everybody can come and help empty the bottles.