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Sad, but True, This Is Romania!

Somehow I came across this blog:
Even though I left Romania 21 Years ago, I sill have a good contact to my “home” country. Friends, relatives … and there was a time where I even thought about going back to Romania. Well I have changed my mind meanwhile. Well, back to the blog I mentioned, most of the things where not new to me but there where some things that surprised me.
The comparison with Hungary will pretty much piss of a lot of Romanians, but let’s face it, it’s true!
I can just agree with everything that was written in that blog.
No matter where I live and how long I am gone from Romania, I will never forget where I came from and I will always consider my self being a Romanian, no matter what citizenship I have. It just pisses me of to see the country I come from being destroyed like this and the worst thing is that it’s not being done by foreign people.
There was a saying I once heard “Romania is a wonderful country, to bad it’s already populated”
I could continue to write about this subject … but I just give up. I won’t hope that things will get better. The fighting spirit is gone, everyone is just complaining but no one stands up and actually does something and if there is someone that stands up to change something …. well then there is the corrupted politicians that know how shut up these kind of people …