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Unlock Your Mobile, the Safe Way

Some days ago I “bought” a new Nokia 6300. Bought is probably the wrong word, I extended my contract for 2 years and got the phone for a good price. The problem was that it was sim locked and since I will continue using my iPhone with my sim, I needed the nokia to work for a different provider.
I was used to quick and fast unlocking for nokia phones, unfortunately the new phones aren’t that easy to unlock. There are some shops doing the unlocking for 25 Euro, but you loose warranty and you risk that something in the software will get screwed up. So, what else can you do? Well, here is a very very easy and safe way to unlock it. Simable! go to and order a “unlock” package.
You will receive a tool to create a hole in your actual sim, don’t worry, it’s just in the plastic and you will get a very thin “sim” that you put between the real sim and the mobile.
This takes only 2 minutes maximum and you have a unlocked phone, or rather a unlocked sim.
It costs 25 Euro and arrived in Austria from the UK in 3 days!