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Why Andalusia Is My Personal Paradise

It’s late december, winter and I am sitting on the terrace only with a sweater on and it’s already getting to hot for the sweater and this at only 11:00. If this is not enough to call it paradise then it’s view, after each hill a new stunning view of the wonderful region is waiting to be seen. Just the view from the terrace is enough to make me consider this place as a place I would like to live. But let’s not forget the food, the excellent food you find in this region. Great cheese, ham, wine, olives in each size, shape and color, lot’s of great seafood and much much more. What else is so fascinating about this region? The oriental influence in houses, food, tradition. It is a wonderful combination of europe and orient, the fascinating little shops in the small streets in Granda where you can find heaps of nice things to buy without everyone jumping on you trying to drag you in to their shop or bugging you with other things like a tour trough the city, as it happened in Morocco but a separate review on our short travel to Morocco will follow.
All in all … in these 9 days we where here (3 days to go till our holiday is over) one thing is clear, we will come again, 12 days are not enough to discover all of the beauty Andalusia has to offer.
Now it’s almost noon, and it’s now so hot that I have to sit outside in a T-Shirt. What are you wearing now outside, in Romania, Austria? :)
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