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Winter Is Here

[![Image027.jpg][2]][2]As expected and announced on the news, it snowed last night till today. But as every year there are some idiots, especially lory drivers, that think they are king of the road and they don’t need winter tires. Well the result of this was, as most of the time when it snows, trucks get stuck, blocking the freeway, by this blocking the complete traffic and also the cars that should clean the snow. Since last night, the A21 was blocked, thousands (as far as I can remember from the news) of people blocked on the freeway. All trucks coming from eastern europe trying to go towards germany where also blocked. The freeway S1 was a big lory parking lot. With lorries parked on the first lane and on the emergency lane for about 4 km. I would give them huge fines to driver and to the company that owns the lorries. But it’s not only the lorry drivers, also car drivers are stupid.
Yes, you don’ have to have winter tires, but at least don’t be so fucking stupid to go anywhere with your car with summer tires if you see the huge snow amount on the street. If you where to fucking lazy to put on your winter tires in time, then leave your fucking car at home and use the public transport. I mean … it’s middle of november, when did you intend to put on your winter tires? March? April?