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Bored, at the Airport

So, finally, my first flight to Timisoara with Sky Europe. I didn’t expect everything to work out perfect but today was very chaotic day.
At work a lot of stress, I left work as planed at 13:30 so I can get home, leave my car and that my colleague drives me to the airport. Oh well, here the first bad news, due to some troubles at work, he could come so I called a friend in the last moment and he picked me up quite late, but I made it to the airport, checked in got the boarding pass and the lady told me “Boarding at 16:30″ … ok …
hmm… wait a second … should I arrive at 16:30 ? and Takeof should be at 15:30 ? What’s going on? A short look up on the display answered this question “Delay: 17:10″ oh … fuck ..
Well, now I have enough time to sit back, drink a beer and relax a bit, calm down from all the stress and frustration I had in the past weeks. 2 hours to go till liftoff. My first half beer is finished. I think I will also need something to eat. If I knew that the plane is leaving late, I would have gone to the irish pub instead of this coffee shop.
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