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Corruption Perceptions Index 2007, Well Done Basescu!

Transparency International has release the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2007 on the radio they where mostly talking about Austria being 15th this year. More interesting for me was where Romania is … but before I tell you this here some other highlights.

Taiwan … is rank 34, but no sign of Romania … Botswana – 38, still no sign of Romania, Namibia – 57 … and you guessed, no sign of Romania, Kuweit – 60 and believe it or not, still no sign of Romania, Bulgaria – 64, Colombia – 68 and finally Romania – 69 !
What a great achievement to be more corrupt the Colombia!

To quote a very good Romanian short movie “Un cartuș de Kent și un pachet de cafea

Mulțumiri domnului Adrian Năstase pentru condițiile create

Which means “Thanks to Mr. Adrian Năstase for the created conditions” but this “Thank You” can be extended to contain names like Băsescu, Videanu, Tăriceanu, … and many many many more. All of them leading the country with only one idea in mind, how to get richer … ”Fuck you Romania” If someone might think I hate Romania, this is very wrong, I just hate the people in charge!

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