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Telekom Austria (AON) Also Thinks We Are Stupid

Seems like AON is trying to fool consumers. They have launched (quite some time ago but I saw it now for the first time) a commercial campaign against mobile internet. They say that “real broadband” is better, faster and cheaper and also that if you have reached your limit you will have to pay for mobile internet but with “real broadband” you pay from 4 euro more and have flat rate.
Ok, lets compare
We will take the cheapest AON has to offer, that will be AON speed 500. This will be 20 Euro a month and receive 500MB traffic included and a speed of 512kbit/s down, we will ignore upstream. This means you could download with max 64kb/s!
And what if you exceed the included 500MB ? You pay 7 cents for each MB!
Oh, almost forgot, you need a phone connection for AON ! This means you also have to pay the phone, this is NOT included in the 20 Euro.
Now let’s look at what one HUI has to offer.
You pay 10 Euro a month and get 250MB for this, if you want extra 250MB you pay 5 Euro. So you have the 500MB for 15 Euro. How about the speed? See for your self

hui speed

And what happens at one if you exceed the 500MB? Your speed will be limited. Thats all, no extra costs.
So, it’s cheaper, faster, which one would you chose?

But wait, AON said something about 4 Euro and flatrate …. yes, if you have the big package which costs 40 Euro, else the flatrate costs 10 Euro.
So it would be possible to get a flatrate from AON for 30 Euro (not included phone costs) but sure not as cheap as they are trying to tell you in the commercial.