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I Love Public Transport in Vienna

People who know me know that I really hate going with public transport in Vienna. Why?
By car I need about 25 min. to work, with the great public transport I need over an hour, up to one and a half hours to get from home to work and the same way back again. Thats a difference of about one hour, and now multiply this with 9 years that I work at SGI, I would have wasted a whole lot of my life in public transports. The next thing I hate is when in summer some people thing there is no need to take a shower as log as not everybody from the tram will trough up their guts.
I would really use the public transport if there would be a fast way to get at work. I would agree with 30 mins, but over an hour compared to 25 mins by car is really a bad argument for the public transport.
Oh and why did all of this happen? Two cars and still I have to go by public transport.
Well on the Passat the Air Condition is gone so I brought the car to fix that problem and the golf has no valid verification (you have to do this once a year in Austria for older cars) I could bring the car to get my sticker that it passed the verification, but then I would have to do it again in september so I will just wait a bit and then have that also done.