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1832923777faa1f002743902_b.jpgYesterday I was in Floridita, a cuban dace bar in Vienna. If you visit their website and know what song it is that’s playing please tell me :)
So where was I, yes, yesterday in Floridita with Ovidiu. As usual in Floridita it’s great. Nice atmosphere great music, great drinks and of course a cigar :)
Going there by public transport wasn’t that easy. It’s quite a while since I went somewhere by public transport, but to get to floridita should be pretty easy, if the tram is going where it should. Unfortunately yesterday was love parade in Vienna, which I found out as we almost arrived floridita. Anyway the tram brought us near Prater instead of the first district, but that wasn’t to bad, U1 goes to the first district and after over an hour we finally arrived.
Well there is nothing more to say, I can hardly describe the good mojito or the ron de cuba with a good cigar :)

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