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HowTo Install Openfire (Former Wildfire) on Debian

Note: This has been done on a Debian Sarge installation but it should work on Etch also, I will report if it does once I have done it, sometime this week.
I found this post on howtoforge and it helped me alot.

First you need Java JRE, lucky me I had a deb package on my server from some other tests so I didn’t need to create a new JRE deb package.
Follow this howto to create a debian package so you can install JRE the debian way. Once you installed the JRE you can continue with openfire.

Download openfire from
download the tgz file, the rpm installation with alien didn’t work for me on a AMD64, will probably work for i386.
unpack it move it to /opt

tar -xzvf openfire_3_0_0.tar.gz
mv openfire /opt

You don’t need to install any mysql java connector as mentioned on howtoforge, openfire now comes with everything you need.
Create a new database and create the tables with the provided file.
for example: mysql -u -p < /opt/openfire/resources/database/openfire_mysql.sql

Make sure openfire.xml is writeable:

chmod 777 /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml

Now setup openfire over the webinterface: http://localhost:9090 or
or use whatever server it is running on instead of localhost.

Note: if you have something like this in your /etc/hosts file foobar localhost localhost.localdomain

it won’t work since it will try to connect with dbuser@foobar instead of dbuser@localhost which won’t work!
change you /etc/hosts so that localhost is first!

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