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Back in Shanghai

Finally we are back in Shanghai.
We left Beijing yesterday, again with the night train. The only problem we had this time was finding the train. The taxidriver didn’t speak a word in english but we managed to tell him that we want to get to the train station and arrived pretty quick. Now it was time to enter the station, there are 3 doors open and about 10 dozens of people pushing and trying to get in. After the security check, which from my point of view is useless since I entered with a small bag without putting it trough the X-Ray, we where in the main hall. Huge panels showing all trains and of course everything in chinese. But we saw Z13, the name of the train, and 2 … oh yes, the titles where written in english also, so 2 was for the waiting hall. Here the problems started, there was a waiting hall 2 just right near the entrance and one, also number 2, on the upper floor. I asked someone and she told me the one I have to go to is right above the one near the entrance, so we went up, in to the waiting hall where again I asked, and got a completely different answer and finally at the information counter I got again a different answer. I started looking myself and found the correct platform and none of the answers I got from the people working there where correct.
Train was leaving at 19:38 and the doors for the platform was opened at 19:00. There are two doors, one on the left, one on the right. One would think it could be quite useful to open both since there where so many people, but don’t forget … you are in China! :) so let the people wait at both and then open just one and look at them fight, could be some weird hobby of the people working at the train station.
How can I explain these few minutes it took to pass the door, let’s say there is a bomb in the train station and everyone just HAS to squeeze trough this door to survive the explosion, this is exactly the same thing while passing the doors to get to the platform.
There was enough time to get twice as many people in and out again without pushing and fighting, but once again don’t forget you are in China!
All these little things make you wish to get back home and tomorrow, finally, it’s bye bye China, hello Austria … There is no place like …
Anyway … back to the trip. The Z trains are one if not even THE best trains I have ever been on. There are so silent, you feel nothing when the train leaves, except Chinese people spitting, so this is from my point of view the most comfortable way to travel. The beds are indeed a bit hard but we could sleep very very good ….
Ok enough of that, time to go shopping and finish our stuff for tomorrow.

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