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Long Time, No Blog

It’s has been quite a while since my last blog. I was quite busy since I came back from berlin. Had to finish a server, was sick, server made some problems, experimented with UCS and Scalix, started to hate stupid WindowsNT Policy files … and so on.
I initially wanted to document my work on the PDC I installed and the troubles I had but having a bad cold at the same time and a lot of stress I didn’t really get to it and now it wouldn’t be any help since I forgot the most of it. So, to not get bored and maintain the stress level, I started to set up a new XEN VPS on which I installed Debian Etch, here I will move my current lcx server. There are several things that piss me of at the moment in the actual installation and I though it would be a good time to do it now and also upgrade to Debian 4.0, Apache2, PHP5, MySql5 … Well I hope I will finish it today, or at least this weekend.