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Life Is Not Fair

Looking around I see a lot of friends getting married, children are on the way, everything looks fine. But there are a lot of people that don’t want kids. What could be the reason ?
There is this one thing, that when you have kids, some might think their life is over, no “freedom” anymore …
Then there are concerns about money, kids are expensive, well not the kids, but the products for kids. Clothes for kids are more expensive then for adults.
But there is one last thing that some of us might be afraid of. What if the are problems? What if the child will be handicapped? Will you think of abortion? I think by now, if anyone reads this, there will be a lot of people thinking, oh no, abortion is bad. I agree with you. But do you know what it means to have a disabled child? That will always depend on someone to help them, what will be when you are no longer there? Do you know what it means to go from one doctor to a other and nobody really can help? Do you know what it means to go with your child from one operation to the next one, from one treatment to the next one?
And what if you child one day says, “Next week I will have a operation and after this I will be able to walk like all other kids” can you look in their little eyes and tell them that this will never happen? Or look in their disappointed eyes after the operation when they will notice that nothing got better? Now, still anybody that thinks life is fair? What problems do we fight with? Oh, my iPod is to small, oh, my car is not shiny enough. All my cousin wanted was to walk … something that most of us don’t even appreciate.
I have been through this, I have seen how hard my aunt and uncle tried everything for my little cousin, how every stupid idiot came up with some miracle and pulled the money out of their wallet. I don’t think I managed to capture my feelings in this blog about this subject. It has passed a long time since my little cousin died, but I will never forget that one day she said those words “I will walk like every other kid” that is all she wanted.

Rest in peace.