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Easter Reloaded

Since I didn’t want to go to Romania to easter, because of the heavy traffic, I decided to go one week later. One of the few occasions when I went to Romania without my car, I went with my friend Razvan. This was also a good occasion to test my one HUI in the car and I must say it worked great! I was online, reading the VWclub forum, my email and using instant messenger even after the Austrian border, at least for some km. Once arrived, all of us starving, we tried to get something to eat at “Dracula” but unfortunately it was full and we chose plan B, “Casa Romaneasca” which was a very very good decision. The food was excellent! I just got hungry again only by thinking of that wonderful food, or maybe it’s just because I didn’t eat anything today. Anyway, Casa Romaneasca in Timisoara … anytime again.
Saturday, party time at The Note, to packed so we left quite early and went for some beer and tequila sunrise in cafe colt.
Sunday was grill day :) together with some members of we had a great grill session, with great weather and also some crazy drivers and a frog concert in the background :)
For the next grill session it would be nice if one of us really takes a blanket with them or something else to seat on and not only hope that one of the others took something with them, but we can eat and drink also when sitting on the grass :)
Oh, I almost forgot, photos and Romanian shops don’t really seem to be a good combination. For some reason in no big shopping center it is allowed to make photos, not even in the parking lot. For example Metro … while we, or better said Rilu and Vlady, did the shopping, I took some photos and the security guy was very fast present to tell me not to make any further photos. Exaggeration? Paranoia? who knows …
And what would easter be without presents? :) I got a wonderful invitation to Buena Vista Social Club from my darling but I had to look for it, in a box full of tickets, rolled together to the size of a cigarette, it wouldn’t have been fun if I would have found it at the first try, but no worry, with the luck that I have it took me some time, actually, there where only 3 tickets left after I found the winning one!
I will not tell what present I made :) I will leave this to my darling :) she can tell all about it :)

Hm… still not in Budapest … what else can I do until I’m home … I even downloaded the Photos from the CF to my mac …