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Great Service From One

On Monday I received my One H.U.I (hell fast, ultra simple internet :) ) A fast internet connection for my laptop, from wherever I am in Austria. One delivered real fast but unfortunately there no drivers for Mac, even though they promised that it works for Mac, of course the drivers for Windows are available on the Modem itself which has about 150MB space on it. After some research on the One homepage I found out that there should be a CD in the package, which seemed like they have forgotten. Well this can happen so I called One to ask if they can mail me the drivers or give me a link where I can download the drivers, but this is not possible, they will send me a CD with the drivers. This really pissed me of, how hard can it be to offer the drivers for download like for example Vodafone does!
Since I didn’t have the drivers yesterday (Thursday!!) I called the hotline once again and the lady from the hotline told me that the drivers have been sent on the 6. April, which was today! They need 4 days to send out a cd? I still don’t understand why they don’t offer the drivers for download. They told me that they have send some thousand Packages without mac drivers and that’s why it took so long to send until they have sent me the CD. Look one, this is, from my point of view, it would have been easier and a lot cheaper to offer the driver for downloading then sending a CD by mail.
I am used to stupid things like this from T-Com/T-Online in Germany, but One?
Anyway, the problem was solved by the hotline by calling some One-Shops and asking if they have a Mac driver which they could copy me!