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Killergames, a New Point of View

Most people in Europe might know the debate that is going on in Germany at the moment. They are trying to forbid so called “Killergames” like CounterStrike since they accuse the games for being the reason why kids in past became killers and ran amok in schools.
Most politicians and media have here the same point of view, forbid the games, then the problem is solved.
So I was very very surprised to see on “Welt der Wunder”, a “knowledge” show on RLT2, that really did some research before opening their mouth. They interviewed a doctor that measured the brain activity while someone was playing counterstrike. The doctor said “The only thing these people are able to do after playing the game, is clicking the mouse very fast. There is no reason why a player would start killing”. A different person, no idea what function he has, played the games before giving a statement, his opinion was that the games can be used like a script for how one could do his mass killing, the same how books or movies can be used for that, where violent movies are twice as bad as the so called “killergames”. Ever heard something about forbidding violent movies?
I don’t understand what is going on in the heads of the stupid politicians.
Just look a bit at the past, forbidden games where the games that where most successful after they where forbidden. Lets say that in Germany the games will be forbidden. There is still the internet where one could get the pirated version of the game.
So the result is, the state looses money by taxes it didn’t get from the sales and the people would still get to play the games.
And once again, the politics saved the day :)