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German TV Part 2

What else is there to complain about the German TV? Well, they are “copy cats”. I don’t have problems with German movies, if they wouldn’t be just a cheap copy of some US movie or US series. The newest at the moment are KTI … which looks like some cheap copy of CSI. The next one is a German version of “Sex and the city”. Come on people … why don’t you come up with your own ideas? and I don’t mean the stupid new shows that appear on all channels. For example, the great show (I forgot the name) that helps people with problems. Some family with a sick kid that don’t have money to renew their home or things like this. Well yes it is a great thing that someone helps them, but to use this as a tv show? To use problems and sorrows of other people as “entertainment show”? These shows seem to be going so well, that there is one on every channel, RTL2 is starting a new one as a commercial just showed.
Oh and the second type of shows that are appearing on all channels like mushrooms after rain.
People leaving Germany and starting a new life in a different country. Well, considering the few other blogs  … I can understand.