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Sweet Titles by Class

I am working on the new version of the SMS Central which will be integrated in Joomla, it quite takes some time since I don’t have internet at home and it’s more a trial and error process. This is when you notice how much one is used to the internet and google. But at least I have MAMP (Apache PHP MySql) for Mac and I can at least do some tests. I came across [Sweet Titles][1] which is great, but by default it does the “Sweet Titles” for the complete site, which isn’t really nice on a joomla site. The simplest solution is to use getEelementById to do it only for one id, this again is also not what I want, because a ID has to be unique, and I want it on more then one place. My solution was to use a GetElementsByClass function which I found [here ][2]and modify the original sweettitle.js.


init : function() {
if ( !document.getElementById ||
!document.createElement ||
!document.getElementsByTagName ) {
var i,j;
this.tip = document.createElement(‘div’); = ‘toolTip’;
document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0].appendChild(this.tip); = ’0′; = ‘hidden’;
var tipLen = this.tipElements.length;
for ( i=0; i