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German TV

I almost forgot how bad the german TV was … it even got worse now. Since I have my receiver and watch most of the time Cinemax, HBO, Discovery and National geographic I got rid of all the bad memories of the german TV, but now in Berlin where I don’t have a choice, except not to turn on the tv, I had to find out that the german tv got even worse. There still are some nice series but most of the time it’s only crap! Ring-tone commercials didn’t really change, but the late-night shows did, the ones where there was some girl in bikini trying to convince some stupid fools to call and solve the riddle to win some money, well now the girls don’t have a bikini anymore, they now are half naked, hoping that by showing their tits, more fools will call. What doesn’t the TV do for money? Oh, and for this high quality tv they want to charge money now. But not all german channels are like this, I really like Terranova, but it seems that I’m a bit to young for the commercials on that channel, the target group seems to be people above 70 years, anyway much better then the ring-tone commercials that seem to have as target group people with the IQ of a chicken (sorry, didn’t mean to offend chicken!).