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¡Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

[![che_habano.jpg][2]][2]Quite a while ago I was asked why I have a Cuban flag and a picture of Che Guevara on the wall in my living room, he was a communist, why do I have things from a communist on my wall.

Well let me put this straight, I do not think that comunist is a good thing, I do not have the Cuban flag or the picture of Che because I totaly agree with the Cuban politics. Che and Fidel did a lot of bad things, human rights violation, destroying agriculture through monoculture and the list goes on and on. So what is the reason why I like Cuba? I do not think that Cuba is free, like many people like to say and Cuba has a lot of problems, but the solution is not some miles away in USA. Do you think Bush is better? Do you think USA hasnt violated human rights? What is with the US Prison in Guantanamo Bay? Is that “Democracy”? Is that “freedom”? Do you really think you have “freedom of speech” in the US? If so, why can’t artists like Immortal Technique say what they think without record labels being afraid of having problems with the government.

Ok back to Cuba, have you ever been in Cuba? Yes people are very poor, but they don’t keep complaining about how bad everything is, like in some other countries where things are much better, they always have a smile for you and most of the time you will see them in a good mood, dancing and taking life easy. A lot of people are complaining about the communism in Cuba and can’t wait that Fidel will die. I wonder why nobody says something about China. What about the human rights violations in China? Why isn’t there an embargo against China? Well where would all the US companies produce their cheap products so they can make a fortune out of it? It’s all about money! The US doesn’t give a shit about any freedom and all that talking about freedom in Iraq is bullshit! It’s all about oil and money.  So to close this topic … here why I love Cuba, they have told the US to get lost, they survived the embargo and all attempts to get rid of Fidel have failed!

Viva la revolution!