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Arrived in Berlin

SnowBerlin.jpgSince yesterday I arrived in Berlin. I was quite surprised to see snow in Berlin, and -4°. Everywhere else in Europe it’s way to warm for winter, and in Berlin where it usually doesn’t snow much, it’s freezing and there is no snow.
Ok now to the bad news, I have no internet at home :( The FON Accesspoint seems to be to far away and I only found a lot of secured Access points. Why didn’t anybody here have some netgear router like my neighbor in Vienna? Well I will survive without internet, but it’s kind of boring! I took the source of to translate it to German for and the source of my sms site to integrate it in joomla. Oh did I mention that it’s cheaper to use then sending sms over skype? :) Ok enough advertising :)
Now it’s time to go shopping and get some beer and food :)