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Let the Fun Begin :)

I love shopping computer parts, especially if it’s purpose will be to run a Server using Debian. Well I just picked up some parts from Ditech, not much, only 2 boxes :)
Now that the assembly is ready and debian almost finished burning … I will start to install a base system and a raid5 on it, that will be all for today.

Problems during install …
Well I didn’t get to far the first problems was right after booting. The Debin installer seems to have problems recognizing the IDE (or the now so called PATA) CD-Rom on Core 2 Duo mainboards. Strange.
The solution is quite simple, I took the cd-rom out of the server, used one of my old IDE cases for external harddisks and abused that to connect the cdrom via usb :) Worked. The next thing is, network card was not detected I “worked around” this problem by inserting some 3com I found at home, but the next thing was the sata controller. arggg.
Now I only have one more chance, downloading a daily snapshop of debian etch and hope that there is a new kernel on that one. That should solve my problems. If not …. I will have to continue searching tomorrow for solutions.

Problem solved, new Kernel find everything, system is up and running :)