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Cleaning Up Gallery2 Cache

I wondered why my Gallery2 database backup was so HUGE ! (3gigs of text!) That couldn’t be right. After I search a bit on on the forum I found out that the cache was the problem. After deleting the cache, the same database had only 16MB ! That is quite a difference. Anyway, the cache has it’s useful part, else you could turn it of so I wrote a little script to clean up everything that is older then a week. The DB then still has about 200MB but that is not comparable to 3GB ! So here is my little script.

# which databases to clean up (g2cleanup@localhost needs access)

grant select,delete on xxx.g2_CacheMap to g2cleanup@localhost identified by ’ ‘

$g2DB = array(“db1″,”db2″,”db3″);
foreach ($g2DB as $db)
echo “connecting to $db …n”;
$connect = @mysql_connect(“localhost”,”g2cleanup”,” “);

check if connection ok

if (!$connect)
die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());
$lastWeek=strtotime(‘now -7 days’);
$cleanup_query = “delete from g2_CacheMap where g_timestamp