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Blame Computer Games

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Some weeks ago a 18 year old ran amok in the school in Germany. What is the answer from the media and the politics? The bad bad computer games are to blame for this! So they are discussing again to forbid violent computer games. I also played doom, quake and other such of these games as I was that age. So why didn’t I run around killing people? It’s so easy to blame violent games, violent movies and expect that the politics forbid them. But what about blaming the parent? Blaming wrong education? oh nooo… how could someone thing about this? That parents have to check what their kids are doing, teach them what is right and what is wrong, teach them respect. They expect that teachers and politics do everything.
Well, I sure won’t miss the games if they will be forbidden, I don’t waste my time to play games, but this will be no solution! Also I heard something about forbidding any kind of war games, like paintball. So what about real war games? Like the army! Why don’t they forbid the army? Why don’t they forbid weapons? A lot of questions, with no response.