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Testing Gallery 2.2

Gallery2.2 still isn’t released, but since I can’t wait to see it I started to install the nightly snapshot of gallery2.2, don’t worry! only on a testsystem I’m not upgrading the main gallery installation, yet.
So what’s so great about gallery2.2, well actually there is no specific feature that I’m waiting for but I do bet there are a lot of things that I will like. The first thing that I noticed was that 2.2 now also knows Romanian :)
The installation was easy as always, but the hard part will be the upgrade, this I will test the next days to get an idea of what awaits me when upgrading the existing gallery. Didn’t do that now since I only have 300mb left on my test VPS.
New modules: There is a new printing service, a Flash video player, mp3 player, replicate items (like a link only that this one really replicates (copies) the item. So and here I am now at step 9 of 11 and my installation kind of stopped activating the user modules, but that isn’t something that will stop me.
Looking at the admin interface it does look a bit newer and shinier, but the first thing I saw that sounds great is the Dynamic album feature :)
Well, enough for now. Looks quite interesting, and as soon as I have created an testinstallation with some images in it I will post a link.