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Borat, Go and See It :)

Well I have to say at some scenes I kind of expected more from Borat, nevertheless it was a great movie and worth being seen. As I have seen the trailer I was already sure that Borat his home village was NOT from Kazakhstan, it was filmed in Romania. Not only that the people, the village and everything else looks really Romanian, I have also found an interview which confirms this.

UBS: What about the rest of the Borat family, little Vilo and the home village? Where was that actually filmed?

DM: Romania actually. We were all set to go to Kazakhstan but we found that the people from Kazakhstan looked nothing like Borat. We went to a little village in Romania and in exchange for letting us film we bought them a pig. It was actually the pig which you see Borat introducing and then later eating. It was a great day filming. Borat’s wives, his mother, little Vilo were all Romanians from a strange little village we found.

But I’m still curios to find out which village that was.
Anyway, I loved the movie, I laughed my ass of and subscribed to to receive an email when the DVD is out so I can buy it. Can’t waiy to see the movie again, in English.

I was very curios if the scene with Pamela Anderson was prepared or if it was “real” I mean, the did run like hell. Well after a quick search on google I came across this interview

Borat tells all about the “three love letters” he receives each week from Tommy Lee’s ex-wife — “through her lawyers”

Oh and about the music, the soundtrack has several Romanian pieces like:

  • Fanfare Ciocarlia
  • Mahala Rai banda vs. Shantel ( Stefan Hantel, which also released Electric Gipsyland and done some great work with O.M.F.O )

And there are also a lot of nonromanian pieces on it like:

  • O.M.F.O ( Magic Mamaliga, Money Boney )

  • Goran Brecovic

There is also some bullshit music on the soundtrack, actually just one song which falls in this category, but I will not comment any further about it.

More info about the soundtrack also on wikipeida.