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Welcome to the FONero World

Today I received my FON router for 0 Euro :) quite a good price for a router with 2 Wireless interfaces. I will not start explaining what FON is all about, go to and read for your self!
Well I opened the package and goood the plastic they use has such a bad smell, it burns like acid in your nose, but … it’s free
This was alas not the only problem I had. I could connect to my public SSID but not to the private one. After searching the FON forums a bit I found out that there seems to be some problems with Mac OS. The manual says the Private network is WPA with TKIP but this should cause no problems to my mac so the only way I could connect to the router to change settings was with my Palm since I have no windows pc anymore at home, thank good. Well anyway, I managed to connect with my palm and check the settings, the Private interface was set to WPA/WPA2 Mixed and encryption to mixed, after changing this to WPA and TKIP everything worked fine on my mac. Technorati Tags: FON, Internet