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Back Home

timisoara_200610-015.jpgHere I am, back home after some days in Romania. Time kind of passes faster if you don’t have to drive and you are more relaxed when I arrive :) but I noticed that even if I don’t drive I get pretty pissed of when some other drivers behave strange. Foka (the driver) was also happy with this since he didn’t have to scream and say all the nasty words to the other drivers. I could also express our feelings to the other drivers with gestures (like showing them a special finger, or 2 or other things that you can do with bare hands), maybe this is also a reason why I was quite relaxed after arriving.
The way back home was quite ok except for the short delay at the Romanian border. Not that it was much traffic but they where moving like a snail on dope! They checked the passports from the people in front of us as if they where reading a book, I have no clue what on earth could take so long. We passed under 1 minute :) and at the Hungarian border it was also quite fast.
Ok now I real all my dozens of new emails and finished the photo editing and upload so I think I will get some sleep.
Photos are in my gallery, as usual :)