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Camcorder Problems

I always had this problem since I have my Panasonic NV-MX300! I do not know how to explain the problem so I will demonstrate it with this movie

Noticed the squares appearing two times at the beginning? This can be only from the camcorder. I do NOT have this on the tape if I play it with my camcorder (the same as used for recording, as mentioned, the Panasonic) on TV I do not have these problems. It can not be from the software, I had this in Pinacle, Vegas on windows and also on the Mac in iMovie and Final Cut so there is no way this could be from software or the OS. Neither could it be the hardware, it occurred on my old PC (1.7GHz), Laptop(3GHz), Mac Mini and on the iMac.
I once had to capture a movie from a different camcorder, also Panasonic but a different model and there I did not have this problem. So what is this and how do I solve this? Or is there some external device I could use to capture the tapes?