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What’s Wrong With This World?

Some days ago I came across an article about Reuters creating a Virtual Company in “Second Life”. Ok let me start explaining … Reuters, the company dealing with news … that might not be so new to you. But Second Life? What’s that? Don’t worry if you didn’t know, you are not old :) Nobody I asked knew about it and I also didn’t. Well Second Life might sound like some religious crap, but it’s “only” a online game, a virtual reality, a second life, thats where the name comes from.
So what on earth has a news company to do with a virtual reality? Well, a virtual life needs virtual news, sounds kind of logic. Also reuters provides news from the real outside world to the virtual world so that people still know there is a outside world.
Well this might sound crazy enough for some, but this is not what I wanted to explain with this blog, it will get even crazier, believe me!
As in a real life, you can earn money and buy things in this virtual world. Some have more money, some less, like in real life. But some want to transform the Linden Dollars, thats how the money is called in second life, to real money so they sell money and goods from the virtual world, in the real world for real money. Sounds strange? Read these lines and tell me that the world is still normal

For example, in Second Life up to US$500,000 in user-to-user transactions take place every day, and the economy is growing by 10 to 15 percent a month.

Let me repeat this slowly … 500.000 US DOLLARS! ( REAL MONEY ) every fucking day! People sell virtual goods, bits and bytes, for 500.000 US$ A DAY!
Now as if this wouldn’t be weird enough, it gets worse! The US Congress is thinking about how to tax this money that comes out of the virtual world.

people who cash out of virtual economies by converting their assets into real-world currencies are required to report their incomes to the IRS and other national tax authorities, depending on where they live in the real world.

What’s next? The mafia protecting your virtual goods? uf009619.gif
Read the complete article here. Here in this article, on the right side, you will find a currency converter, Linden$ -> US$, yes a currency converter to know how much real money, the virtual money is! My brain is still fighting with this kind of information, I mean … I really live digital, blogs, websites, web galleries … but this is far beyond my imagination. Not that it would sound something so technically impossible, it is kind of hard to imagine somebody spending money on something that doesn’t do anything and doesn’t exist. But I wanted to see how much do people really spend so where could somebody look for such information? Where can you buy almost anything on this planet? On eBay. So I did a quick search for Second life and what I found was more then just one auction selling Linden Dollars! [![ebay01.PNG][6]][6]

Get the money you need in second life to buy the hottest clothes, propertys, and items you want and need.

This is what I could read in one action, the seller was selling 10.000 L$ and the auction ended for 40US$ (real money). ebay02.PNGI did some research on the buyer, the buyer has bought in the past 2 days virtual money and payed 203 real US$ for this! You thing that is much? Check this out. The seller I did some research on sold in the period from 1.Oct. – 18.Oct virtual money on eBay, and got 1.445 real US$, yes, thats one thousand four hundred and forty-five real US$ in 18 Days.
What the fuck is wrong with you people? Get a life!

update: I just found this blog entry, I will not comment anything, read for your self.

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